Thanks for visiting my website. My name is PJ Tibayan and gospelize.me is my online home. I write and maintain this website so that you would share life and share Jesus through the content posted here.

I am a Christian, I was saved in 1989.

I am a husband who is happily married since June 25, 2005.

I am a father to 1 son and 4 daughters since 2015, beginning with my son in 2006.

Currently, I’m the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Bellflower, a city in the Southeast region of Los Angeles County.

I also help lead The Gospel Coalition Los Angeles (steering team) and the Los Angeles Southern Baptist Association (executive board).

I’ve served on the pastoral staff of Christian Fellowship Bible Church from May 2002 to December 2007 (5 and 1/2 years), directly in charge of preaching to and overseeing the student ministry (College, high school, and jr. high ministry) and later on the leadership training of the church along with being in the regular Sunday preaching rotation.

From January to May 2008, I was a pastoral intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. I spent my time reading, reflecting, writing, and discussing the church (the doctrine of the church, a theology of church ministry, evaluating church polity, practice, and mentalities, etc.). I also had the privilege of being a member at the church with all the joys and responsibilities of a faithful church member, as I learned about biblical church ministry by being immersed in the life of a healthy congregation.

From 2008-2014, I was privileged to pastor CrossView Church in Los Angeles, a church that disbanded in in October 2014.

I graduated from The Master’s University with a B.A. in Biblical Studies in 2002 and The Master’s Seminary with an MDiv in 2006. I’m currently studying at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for a Doctor of Divinity degree (DMin in Biblical Theology) seeking to graduate in May 2019 Lord-willing (see reasons for a DMin here).

Theologically I am an evangelical in complete and joyful agreement with the Together for the Gospel Statement, The Confessional Statement of The Gospel Coalition, and The Cambridge Declaration. More importantly, Jesus the Messiah and his gospel are central to my thinking, joy, and purpose for life. Ecclesiologically I am a Baptist. Bethany Baptist  Church’s statement of faith, which is the most binding statement on knowing what I believe (since I’m accountable to this church family), can be found at our church’s website.

I am currently working on a book on the topic of gospelizing that should be out by June 1, 2018 by taking a 90 day writing challenge with this publishing school (if you decide to enroll in the school through my link I’ll get a little kickback).

To contact me you can leave a comment on this blog page or email me at pj@gospelize.me.

To pray for me check out my current prayer requests.

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To know why I blog, check out this post on 6 reasons why pastors should blog.

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  1. Can anyone think of any problem for which the gospel is not a solution? It’s really a quick fix and a long term solution both rolled into the greatest event of all time. Since God is both love AND the gospel, the gospel meets my deepest need for guilt removal past, present and future and simultaneously gives me a matchless hope that one day I’ll be glorified and reflect Jesus’ glory through my perfect, sinless body forever. If there was any religion that offered anything better than this, God would be unloving by not revealing it to us. If God loves me, he gives me the costliest gift that he can give. That gift is Jesus.

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